The Valley’s rapid growth is stressing our transportation infrastructure.

Maricopa County is the nation’s fastest growing county for the third year in a row: between now and 2050, the region’s population is expected to grow by more than two million.

We Are Listening

Together we’ve built a great transportation system, but to keep the Valley moving forward, we have more work to do. We asked more than 10,000 Valley residents what was most important about this community and moving around the region.

We heard that getting from here to there isn’t always easy.

The ability to travel safely and efficiently means spending more time doing things that matter with the people you care about. An excellent transportation system can help us achieve just that.

“I would love to be able to access safe, affordable and accessible public transportation in our area. Because I cannot, I have to drive everywhere, and this costs time and money. I don't believe we can sustain all the growth without more transportation options.”

“Everything here depends on having a car - as I am getting older, driving will soon not be an option and the public transportation network here is pitiful.”

“The loop makes getting around the Phoenix area easy and fairly quick...the roads are fairly well maintained...Life is easy.”

“With more efficient public transportation, I would be able to get into society more and enjoy more of what the city and local businesses have to offer.”

“There have been times when I had no private transportation. When I was younger, that meant relying on family or friends. Now there are more bus stops, the light rail, bikes, and scooters available so I'm no longer stuck at home.”

“I have autism, so going out can cause me a lot of anxiety and especially the fear of getting lost and not being able to get back home. But with the light rail, I can get on the train and relax knowing that it will go where I need to and will show up when I need it too.”

“With everything connected in a way that is easy to navigate as well as big enough to handle the current traffic I feel like I don’t have to plan my days around traffic.”


Make it easier

We hear often that being able to go where you want when you want is invaluable. You told us that flexible, accessible, and diverse transportation options are important.


More Time

Well-planned transportation systems allow for more productive, less stressful, and happier lives. Wasting time trying to get around is frustrating. While some people are satisfied with our transportation system, others request expanded light rail routes and more frequent transit service.

“Unreliable public transportation is bad for my business. It cuts down on the prospective labor pool. It makes start times unreliable and forces workers to leave earlier (work less) to make buses that may not be on time.”

“I'm a primary caregiver to my mom, who lives on the other side of town. Because the roads are well maintained and the infrastructure is good, it takes less time to get to her and get home -- which saves time and makes it easier for me to live the rest of my life.”

“Having good freeways and highways means you can spend less time on the road and reach your destination sooner and more efficiently. [It] makes it easier to get from one side of town to the other in a fast and efficient manner.”

“There aren't enough light rail routes. This means I have to travel longer and wait for connecting light rail/buses. As such I have to take lower paying jobs because I can't get to better ones.”

“The bus usually arrives on time and helps me get to where I need to be in Phoenix fairly easy. I love it, it’s safe and convenient.”

"Traffic and road rage almost go hand in hand so having the flexibility of getting to the same place by hopping on the light rail, we are cutting out all that extra stress. We don't have to worry about accidents. Not to mention you don't even have to own a car, which means no car payment, maintenance, gas, or insurance payment to worry about!!"

“I have teens who do not [drive]. They are reliant on taking the bus if they want to go "in town" since we live so far out west. It’s almost a one mile walk to the first bus stop yet there's nothing in the way of sidewalks, bike paths, or streetlights the entire way. Very dangerous!”

“Drivers often seem to drive more erratically when they are lost or unsure of how to get to their destination, which endangers everyone else on the road. The grid system here in Arizona tends to help people, at least in my experience, find and reach their destination with less confusion.”

“Phoenix has some of the most dangerous intersections in the country. But these are not poorly designed, or due to geographic challenges. There are simply too many people driving single occupant vehicles.”


Feeling Safe

Feeling safe on freeways, roads, and transit, or as a bicyclist or pedestrian is your top priority. It’s ours, too. You’d like more sidewalks and bike lanes. Safe access to bus stops. Not having to worry about congestion-related accidents and road rage... It’s all about feeling safe.


Environmental Quality

Valley residents care about the environment. Many are concerned about the environmental impacts of too many people driving alone. People want more transportation options — beyond driving a car — to ensure a better quality of life for future generations.

“I value the variety of types of transportation which may provide a way of keeping fewer individual vehicles on the road which will hopefully reduce pollution for my generation, my children's generation, my grandson's generation, and all future generations. Many choices benefit my family and others.”

“I worry that our lack of concern and commitment around changing our behavior and habits in order to support sustainability will have severe and irreversible consequences for my child and her children.”

“Being a car-centric culture means that things are very difficult for someone that doesn’t own a car. They can’t find and hold a steady job, can’t shop and can’t get places. The car-centric culture adds to pollution. More cars on the road means more damage to the roads, higher expenses to get them fixed, and also higher risk to personal safety.”

“[A] light rail system can offer the opportunity to travel to the far reaches of the Valley. You can make new friends, enjoy sports and restaurants and enjoy a scenic ride for very little costs. All while protecting the environment and saving money.”

How we’ll keep the MOMENTUM going

Your stories paint a clear picture. People want more freedom, choices, and safety. A well-planned, modern transportation system can get us there.

We need your continued input. This is your chance to ensure your opinion is heard and that our transportation system provides freedom and choice for all of us.

The future is coming fast — and you have the power to shape it.

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