Investment Plan Projects and Programs

In June 2021, the MAG Transportation Policy Committee unanimously recommended, and MAG Regional Council unanimously approved, the Investment Plan.

Click on a project shown on the map to learn more. Below the map is information about the plan’s programs and how these investments will help us reach MOMENTUM’s goals.

Featured Programs

The proposed future investment strategy is so much more than the high-capacity projects mapped above. MAG Regional Council has also directed significant investment into various investments that align with MOMENTUM’s goals. This strategy to focus investment in areas, such as safety and bus transit, will provide greater flexibility and ensure that the region can best respond to critical needs now and into the future—even if we don’t know the solutions or technologies today.

Nonmotorized Transportation:

Investments in bicycle lanes, protected paths and other projects to create better connectivity and improve safety for nonmotorized transportation users.

What this means for you

More bicycle lanes, separated/protected paths and greater connectivity in the off-street path network, providing a safer environment for all users.

Air Quality:

Investments to mitigate impacts of the transportation system and improve the region’s air quality.

What this means for you

Cleaner air to promote better health and improve the environmental quality of the region.

Arterial Improvements:

Investments to enhance the region’s “grid” street network to improve safety and mobility.

What this means for you

Improved traffic flow, and reimagining street design to create streets that are safer and function better for all users.

Bus Transit:

Investments to continue to operate and further grow the region’s bus transit system.

What this means for you

Greater coverage and improved bus service that better matches your needs and schedule.

Emerging Technology:

Investments to enable the region to respond and adapt to future transportation innovations.

What this means for you

A more modern transportation system that is responsive to your needs.

Intelligent Transportation Systems:

Investments in technology that manage the movement of people and goods through the region.

What this means for you

Technologies like traffic signals, ramp meters and freeway message boards to help you get around more quickly and safely.


Investments in projects and initiatives that improve safety across the system and for its users.

What this means for you

Peace of mind that you or your family will be able to get from A to B with fewer risks.

Transportation Demand Management:

Investments in strategies that optimize the region’s existing transportation infrastructure and manages its use, especially at “rush hour."

What this means for you

More options for getting around and strategies that help make your trips easier.

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Check out our Investment Plan Fact Sheets to learn more about MOMENTUM program topics: