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MOMENTUM keeps us moving

The Valley is coming together to create a long-term, regional transportation plan: MOMENTUM. This plan will guide major investments in our roadways and public transit systems for the next 20 years and beyond.

Man in suit riding a bicycle

Just by living in this region, you already have a stake in our transportation system.

We want to hear your thoughts about:

  • Access to our transportation system
  • Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Bus service
  • Freeway and roadway improvements
  • High capacity transit (light rail, commuter rail, streetcar, bus rapid transit)
  • New transportation technologies and innovations
  • Safety

Through your engagement so far, we have learned that options, convenience, and connectivity are priorities for residents all over the Valley. In planning for the future, Valley residents are thinking about population growth, new technology, and the environment.  

Like other regions across the country, we have limited funding and must make some difficult choices about how we invest in our future. You can help us tackle these tradeoffs using the “this or that” exercise below. Tell us what’s most important to you about our region’s transportation system.  

Thank you for your feedback!